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Why Choose Street Pop Media?

Our Advertisers:
Many excellent advertising partners to include global brand names, plus many small and mid-sized businesses.

Our Locations:
Great locations across the country, to include New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and more.

Our Service:
We take pride in our personal relationships with our advertisers and real estate partners. You will love working with us.

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Email Us: whitney@streetpopmedia.com

Call Us: 845-913-8764

Street Pop Media: Email or call for availability

Street Pop consolidates inventory of vacant retail storefronts in major markets making them available for short term use for a popup store, event space or unique marketing medium to increase a brandís exposure.

What do we do and why?

We bring together advertisers and unoccupied store locations so that advertisers can benefit from additional marketing exposure while real estate owners benefit by receiving income for the unoccupied months until a new tenant occupies the property.

What options are available?

We specialize in short term In-window Advertiing placements as well great Popup Stores.

The In-window advertising placements are usually full window placements. We work with printers to make any placement you want a reality. Our printers can make any promotion work in any shape and sized storefront window.

The popup stores are great ways for retailers to gain access to prime locations, with no long term commitments. Each popup store is unique and it is great to see them come to life.

How long are most advertising placements and popup stores?

Placements vary, but most are for 1 to 3 months. The commitment is minimal making these opportunites a low-risk way to access a market or to gain valuable exposuare at a great price.

What advertisers do we work with?

We work with everyone. We work with major brands such as Disney, Lexus, JetBlue Airlines and more through a mix of direct relationships and a wide range of ad agencies. We also work with many small and mid-sized businesses.

What locations are available?

We have prime locations available in throughout New York City, as well as Austin, Los Angeles and Miami and more. Please call for the current locations available.

What is the most rewarding part of our business?

Every aspect of what we do is so rewarding. In a challenging economy it's great to help real estate firms capture revenues - to help them and help the economy. It's also great to see companies of all sizes benefit from additional advertising opportunities they wouldn't have otherwise. Yet one of our favorite aspects of our business is seeing small and medium sized business have access to pop-up stores to gain extremely valuable exposure, launch their businesses or to expand into new markets.

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